Innovation Is The Key To Successful Entrepreneurship

Innovation Is The Key to Successful Entrepreneurship By Theodore Henderson The Wisdom Man An idea is the fundamental building block of every successful entrepreneurship venture. The market continually evolves, and companies must adapt to maintain their market status. Finding new ways to improve a business situation and broaden its list of services is paramount to the company

Pinterest the Key to Your Online Branding

 Why Pinterest is Key to Your Online Branding Strategy  By Theodore “The Wisdom Man” Henderson Best Selling Author, Certified Career Business Adviser, Entrepreneur PIN IT! (Theo's Pinterest Boards) Pinterest by most measurements is currently the fastest growing social media site as of 2012 and 2013. According to Alaska Litho e-news report, 2012 saw Pinterest rise sharply to become the fastest social media service to hit 10 million users. Nielsen's 2012 revi