Focal Point – The Promise

What is your vision for your life over the next 5, 10, 15, or even 50 years?  We must live in the moment and enjoy what we have but that certainly doesn’t mean we can have a far ranging outlook deep into the future.  Successful career coaching and mentoring always includes a far ranging vision in addition to methods for handling your near term necessities.  For example the Five O’clock Club uses a 40-year vision plan as part of your career transformation process. A vision plan is importa

It’s Not My Fault, OR, Take Personal Responsibility

"Its Not My Fault!" or (Take Full Responsibility for Your Actions) The Law of Cause and Effect also known as the Socratic Law of Causality enunciated by Socrates in 410 BCE is what you should keep in the back of mind for the purpose of this essay. It says that every event has a root cause, and every event is also a cause set in motion. In other words, you can consider it to be the same as reaping and sowing. Everything happens for a reason. Everything we personally have a say in or can affect in

Biblical Principles at Work in Your Financial Life

Never forget that helping others is a blessing both to the giver and the recipient. An integral part of anyone's march to solvency and balance in their life should be helping others. Can you really benefit your community by only working for and thinking of yourself? With that being said, debt and poor personal financial management prevents you from helping anyone or any organization consistently and effectively. Debt in and of itself is not wholly bad. The misuse of debt is what is really appal

Belief Helps Us Overcome Discouragement

Discouragement is not a terminal disease. It is an ailment that we have all had at one time or another but it can be healed. Whenever I get discouraged I reconnect spiritually by reading some of my favorite biblical passages as well as using prayer. Some of the great leaders of ancient Israel understood that there were at least four major reasons for discouragement. First, fatigue sets in and you get tired. Human beings wear out and to go beyond what you can physically do without collapsing you