The Importance of Developing and Using Emotional Intelligence for Business Success

The Importance of Developing and Using Emotional Intelligence for Business Success  By Theodore Henderson The Wisdom Man According to a study conducted by the United States Department of Labor, employers are constantly in search of applicants who are capable of listening and communicating properly. The ability to listen and speak when necessary is a vital aspect of emotional intelligence. In

Education and Your Great Career

Education and Your Great Career By Theodore “The Wisdom Man” Henderson Best Selling Author - Certified Career Business Consultant To prosper at work and in your career you will need two key ingredients: a career development plan and a supportive education to satisfy the needs of the evolving work world. A good career development plan benefits both you and the company you work for.  It enables you to identify strategies and action steps to ensure you will achieve your goal.  Yo

Change Your Values and Change Your Life

[audio:001_A_024_Ted Henderson_Quote6MaryMorrissey_2009_02_08.mp3] These are strange times we are living in.  The United States is involved in multiple wars, is in the midst of an financial meltdown, the housing market in some parts of the country has collapsed, we have diseases resurging that we thought were wiped out, we have new diseases that are resistant to antibiotics, and lastly we have grown more selfish and self centered which feeds the aforementioned.  Much of the world is affecte

Employment Opportunities During the Holidays

A tremendous amount of money changes hands during the holiday season.  Take the opportunity to not only save money but also potentially make money. For example, Black Friday is a great day for retailers.  It is the first day of the year that most retailers start making money for the year.  Also the thirty-day period between Halloween and Thanksgiving normally is not a sale period but times have changed and changed radically. The bad news for the economy is that 240, 000 jobs were lost in Oc