The United States’ Small Business Administration, says about half of all small businesses fail within their first five years of operation. If you are planning to open a small business the question you have to ask yourself is “How can I become one of the success stories?” In these programs and teachings, you will acquire the practical intellectual tools to build your business from the ground up, allowing your new company to flourish even in the most turbulent business environment.

Our teachings emphasize practical approaches to discover great business ideas everywhere around you. Yes, ideas are all around you. However, even if you already have a great business idea, we share strategies that will help you imagine your business idea in a new way, make it even better, and most importantly, get it launched. You will examine what entrepreneurship is and what you as an entrepreneur can do.

The “Launching Your Great Business Idea Now” program describes and steps you through the planning process and subsequently helps you develop and refine your business idea. For example, recognizing who the real customer is and what their real challenges are forms the foundation for creating the actual business plan that helps you get your idea up and working. Finally, we discuss how to model the idea and monetize the concept. This is not an idle academic exercise but a real life get up and working program.

Eight sections help guide you past the stumbling blocks for assembling information, writing, and executing on a strong business plan. All the key concepts are covered: how to grab your reader’s attention with an Executive Summary and a sound business description, how to conduct low budget market research and analysis how to line up a management team that will win investors over, how to organize your operations, and more. Even if you decide that your business doesn’t need a business plan, this section of the program will introduce you to all the key concepts you need to run your business and give you a much better chance for success.

You will learn how to take your business idea to market. Key topics include understanding your potential market, preparing for expenses such as taxes and insurance, identifying working capital, some money raising ideas, efficient use of technology, identifying an active location, and general strategy. You will learn how to look for ways to attract and shape your customers’ experience to keep them returning, and the importance of building a brand.

Along the way, you will identify and build a toolkit of essential skills to help ensure that your business is successful. You can begin using them immediately, and they will continue to be useful long after you’ve finished these lectures. You will learn how to conduct a SWOT analysis, how to conceive of some tests to see if you business idea make sense.

Even after the core part of the program is finished we will still be with you with special reports and webcasts looking at the personal challenges entrepreneurs face once their businesses are up and running, including the complexities of family run businesses, the hurdles of entrepreneurial leadership, and entrepreneurial burn out, as well as the other issues entrepreneurs face on the road to major success.

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