Simple Ways to Simplify Your Life

[audio:001_A_023_Ted Henderson_Quote7LawrenceShames_2009_02_08.mp3] The Christmas and holiday season are a wonderful time of the year. But with the joy comes the stress of the increased schedule at work and at home. Let's face facts. If you feel pressured all the time you can't enjoy your life. The world won't change but you can adjust your thinking and activities to make life much easier and effect change around you. Learn to say no. Don't over crowd your schedule. When you learn to say no in


Are you a "valley girl" or a competent sounding and well spoken professional?  When you punctuate your speech with phrases such as "You know", "Ummm", "You know what I'm saying", "You know what I mean?", etc., these are examples of speech patterns that can make you sound poorly educated and can actually be annoying to the person listening to you. Do you find this surprising?  I have no argument with relaxed colloquial speech but there is a time and a place for it and generally a business or fo

Money Resources for News and Information

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and in the spirit of giving, I wanted to share with you a list of websites that I have always found useful for money news and information.  So for your Christmas stocking, here are some great links. General News The Wall Street Journal Online - Business News, Finance News, World, Political Sports News from The Wall Street Journal - Global Business News Business Week - Business News, Stock Market Financial Advice Financial Portals

What Is Social Media and Why Do We Need It?

Social Media can be applied to a method of delivery or types of information exchange consisting of perspectives, insights and in some cases, your experiences. If you are serious about networking for business online you need to utilize some or all of these technologies. Some of the methods of delivery are text, image, audio, and video. Generally they appear in the form of blogs, web casts, message boards, wikis, podcasts, forums, bookmarks, and many other forms with more appearing everyday.

Save Money – Reduce Expenses – Live Better

[audio:001_A_025_Ted Henderson_Quote Focus on the Future_2008_12_31.mp3] Wealth is not what you own or possess.  It is instead the power of your spirit and creativity applied to your life and others in an ethical, positive manner.  Money is an aid to make this happen whether it flows to or from you. ~ Proverbs 10:22 A lot of people are very concerned about the economy and there is no better time than now to sit down and determine how best to immediately increase your income. The primary stra

Holiday Time is Networking Time

Do you wonder why networking does not seem to work for you? Imagine this scenario. You are in line at a bank, restaurant, trade show or conference and you don't speak to the person in front of you or in back of you.  You then follow this action up later by complaining that you find it hard to meet people and you are a poor networker.  Guess what?  You are 100% correct!  You aren't going to

Be Confident in Your Financial Future

People seem to be tense these days and it seems the bad news coming from your television and newspaper must certainly accept some of the blame. The answer? Stop watching "murder news" and stop watching hysterical financial news.  I find Bloomberg news to have good information without the hype that generates the kind of angst and fear that I'm noticing these days.  Other great sources of useful financial information for us "regular folks are an

Employment Opportunities During the Holidays

A tremendous amount of money changes hands during the holiday season.  Take the opportunity to not only save money but also potentially make money. For example, Black Friday is a great day for retailers.  It is the first day of the year that most retailers start making money for the year.  Also the thirty-day period between Halloween and Thanksgiving normally is not a sale period but times have changed and changed radically. The bad news for the economy is that 240, 000 jobs were lost in Oc

I Am Thankful For You!

In the United States we will be celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow with family and friends.  We will be eating plenty of delicious and lovingly prepared food and very likely watching hours of football.  But beyond that, Thanksgiving is also a time to recall that life is best lived when done in a state of gratitude.  It is also a time to make sure that our customers, clients, employees and vendors know how very important they are to us and how much we appreciate them.  This is indeed a time