Starting A New Business Needs More Than Just A Smart Idea

Starting A New Business Needs More Than Just A Smart Idea! By Theodore Henderson The Wisdom Man It is time for you to understand and appreciate the importance of unsecured start-up financing. Seldom does a person have the savings or personal capital to start a business entirely on their own. Often, even when one believes this is the case, further development, as well as planning, discourages this first thought. Small business financing can be a complicated or dense su

Smart Strategies for Successful Entrepreneurship

Smart Strategies for Successful Entrepreneurship By Theodore "The Wisdom Man" Henderson The key to a successful entrepreneur is generating and developing unique ideas. Studies show that growth of a business involves innovation of the basic business system. To prevail over your competitors, you should make a difference.  A profitable business requires extensive knowledge, great passion, and d

8 Resources To Raise Capital For Your New Business

8 Resources To Raise Capital For Your New Business By Theodore "The Wisdom Man" Henderson “There are two ‘i’s’ in Fundraising – they should stand for inspiration and innovation, not imitation and irritation. -- Ken Burnett ” Are you all ready and raring to go launch your small business now? However, you feel stuck because you still lack the start-up capital? There are numerou

10 Tips to Success in Your Home Based Business

10 Tips to Success in Your Home Based Business By Theodore Henderson The Wisdom Man “90% of new business fail in the first three months of launching, due to lack of proper planning, wrong selection of niche/products and marketing platform.” ― K. Raveendran Most of the entrepreneurs I come in contact with would certainly jump at the opportunity to start a genuine home business s

Adjust Your Strategy for Your Online Job Search

The unemployment rate is between 9 and 10 percent and whether you are employed or unemployed you should be part of the growing number of people are who search the Web for work opportunities. However if you are restricting your surfing mainly to one or two of the big job boards like are facing a steep climb. Follow some of the following steps for improved results.  Your strategy must be to cast an intelligently constructed wide net.  For example, personal referrals are the best way

Renting A Room In Your House. Good Idea?

The recession has prompted a surge in homeowners renting out spare rooms. Renting out a spare bedroom in your home can be prompted by any number of things: Separation or divorce Job loss or hours reduced Need for more social interaction For the purpose of this post though we are discussing renting out the now extra bedroom that your college-bound child leaves behind. Renting out the extra space can provide you with extra income and a chance to meet new people. But it's a big decision, s

Learn to Resist the Urge to Spend

Now, more than ever it is time to exercise financial restraint. Rather than spend the last five dollars in your wallet just because you got paid today is not wise. Consider taking that $5 and putting it in your savings account or your penny jar. While it is easy for me to preach the reasons to save money, resisting the urge to buy something you really don't need can be very difficult. One way to help yourself resist that urge is to understand how marketers and advertisers get to you, your emoti

Make Money – Save Money – Reduce Expenses – Live Better, Part I

How to Increase Your Income at Work Ask for a raise. If you feel you are over performing and are under paid for it then ask for more. A couple of great places to get tips for doing this successfully are or Also take the time to research some articles and advice regarding asking for a raise in a turbulent economy before going into your supervisor. You want to feel very confident in what you bring to the company before walking in that door. Quick

A Declaration of Homestead Protects the Family Residence

Your primary residence may be your most significant asset. By signing a legal document known as a homestead declaration, you can protect (up to an amount specified your your individual state law) the value of the home from creditors, property taxes, bankruptcies, lawsuits, as well as any situations that may arise because of the death of the homeowner spouse. If you're among those that live in a state that recognizes the Declaration of Homestead, you'd be wise to get visit your county clerk or r

Are You On the Express Lane to Debt? – Part 2

Are you a Financial Slob?  There is no question that personal financial matters can be complicated and require your attention and focus. If you are borrowing money and you don't understand the terms and repayment conditions you are setting yourself up for disaster. You hear that old saw, "You should have read the fine print!" for a very valid reason.  Finances tend to be complicated and require some mental manipulation of the most dreaded of all things -numbers. Failure to pay attention to