Networking is a Science – Part II

Networking and Career Strategy - The Job Search Strategy I recently read an article in the May 2008 Business Week that men are experiencing a harder time between jobs because they aren't willing to take lower pay for a less socially desirable position.  For example going from a $30 hour position to becoming a greeter at WalMart can cause considerable angst to most people Also, the author of this article points out that according to some analysts, men might not be as good at the soft skills su

Networking is a Science – Part 1

In Your Face! Online networking works, but relationships are the most important part of the process. Using the Internet to exchange ideas, share knowledge and increase visibility will only become more essential in the coming years. Online networking is really catching on in business and professional circles.  However, face-to-face networking isn’t going away, but is augmented by its online brethren. A key point to remember, face-to-face networking groups continue to expand. The huge growth of