Achieving Your New Years Resolutions And Experience Success

Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions And Experiencing Success


Theodore Henderson

The Wisdom Man




Just what is your big New Years Resolution?

– Getting physically fit?

– Get closer to your ideal weight?

– Control or eliminate poor eating habits?

– Quit Cigarettes?

– Spend even more time with friends and family?

– Organize and control your finances?

– Find a new job and better work environment?

Whatever the goal is, if it’s conceivable, you can make it a reality. All you need is a plan. You should determine your goals, create your strategy, and make it happen.

Determine Your Goals

You must have specific goals and objectives. If you aim to reduce your weight, do you have a particular weight in mind? Do you intend to lose 20 extra pounds? 30 extra pounds? Or do you wish to wear size seven clothes? Shrink your waist from 42 inches to 36 inches?  If you intend to spend even more time with family, precisely what would that appear like? “Date Night” every week? Lunch with Mom once a month? 

Determine exactly what your objectives are and put them in writing. Be as particular and precise as possible; just what is your aim and when you are most likely to attain it (pick a date)? Ensure your goals are reasonable as well as attainable. There is no sense in setting goals that you know you will not follow up on.

Produce A Strategy

Just how are you most likely to accomplish your goals? What actions are you going to take and when? 

Your strategy needs to include specific benchmarks to make sure that you can measure development and also remain on course. Just like your general goal, your standards should be quantifiable and also realistic. Are you going to lose 10 pounds/month? Get off the couch and go to the gym four days a week?

Start with little actions that you can quickly complete and experience success. As you accomplish your early goals, the momentum will build to ensure that it is easier to finish more stringent steps later on. As you fulfill each step, note your progress and also reward yourself with something that is pleasurable but not diminishing to your total objectives. If your goal is to slim down, don’t award yourself with a candy bar for shedding five extra pounds. Instead, pamper yourself by going to the movies or buy something beautiful to wear. If you don’t finish one of these actions, do not surrender; stay adaptable and devoted to attaining your principal objective.

Just how are you going to attain your goals? Are you going to sign up with a health club or create one in your home with an at-home exercise system? Beginning a nutrition or weight loss program? Determine all the support systems that you will need. 

Implement Your Strategy

Beginning NOW! Do not postpone any longer!

Get others included. If you intend to reduce your weight, find a workout partner, or go hiking with a club or friend. You will indeed have someone to help you maintain your motivation level as well as enjoying some camaraderie. Of course, you will have someone holding you accountable. If your friends understand you are attempting to reduce weight, they help you to eat healthier with a little encouragement, or they may just provide you the evil eye the following time attempt and also buy that hamburger as opposed to a salad.

By merely informing another person (positive, supportive type) just what your objectives are will probably make them more concrete. If you only keep it to yourself, you could always change your mind, and it never existed, once another person knows about it, it is genuine.

Remain positive and also flexible, but maintain your focus on the big picture. You established the goal, it’s your strategy, your life. Maintain your enthusiasm and work towards the big picture.

Keep in mind, having a New Year’s Resolution without having a strategy to achieve it is just making a wish.

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