Sales Success For Business Owners

Sales Success For Business Owners!


Theodore Henderson

The Wisdom Man



What I’m about to share is a trick that might be challenging for you to think of on your own, so get ready. It is a vital and critical secret that can have a most profound effect on your new small business success, or failure if you don’t pay attention.

Let us begin by asking a straightforward question. Do you like to sell?

The unfortunate truth of the matter is that when many small business owners are asked this question, they react with answers like, “Absolutely not” or “I cannot stand selling or salespeople, so let somebody else do it.”

Why do you think your response to the above question is so essential? Most likely you have seen some version of the headlines like the following, which proclaim precisely how simple and easy it is to do well in service:

” The Ultimate Lazy Person’s Method To Start Your Very Own Service” 

” Profit From A Multi-Billion Dollar Market In Your Pajamas”

” Easily Produce A Large Passive Income While Sleeping”

We are continually besieged with these “can’t miss” alleged straightforward ways to make a million dollars. Does success in business function this way? No! Is it reasonable or realistic? Not a chance!

The true essence of running a successful, long-lasting business boils down to your ability to sell your product. That is the plain unavoidable truth. You can either sell your product and services or resell someone’s else’s. In either case, your success will ultimately rely on your capability to market it. If you don’t embrace or like sales, you have a minimal possibility to be successful in your own business. 

One of the most common attitudes (delusions) of too many new small business owners and entrepreneurs is that their product, as soon as launched, will magically market itself. “Build it, and they will come” works well in a movie but in real life, they walk right by you to buy from your competitor.  After all, just because you feel your product is terrific and that everyone will want one doesn’t mean they will.   If the public doesn’t know you or understand your value due to lack of a sales or marketing strategy, you will be a failure. 

Here is an additional truth regarding sales. In my experience, it will undoubtedly take 5-7 sales attempts minimum to close 80% of your sales. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s 5-7 attempts minimum before prospects will state version of  “Yes, I wish to buy your product.” Running a promotion one-time or making a sales pitch to a potential consumer occasionally does not certify as a sales initiative. Hearing that first “no” and also not following up conclusively indicates the demise of your small business or the end of your entrepreneurial effort and offers somebody else a chance to turn that NO right into a YES.

What most individuals do not realize, or fail to accept, is that it may take weeks, months or perhaps years to get an item to market in accordance with your expectations. You may have to regularly transform your sales pitch, internet site, advertisement, or also the item, till you get it just right. This dedication and resolve is what divides the few successful service owners from the several “aspirants” and also unprofessional hopefuls. 

The bottom line is that to be successful in ANY small business or entrepreneurial endeavor you will undoubtedly need the skill and the enthusiasm, to sell and market your products and services.

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About The Author

Theodore Henderson works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals. He is an Amazon best-selling author, a Certified Career Coach, a Certified Leadership Coach, and a Certified Social Media Security Professional Powered by CompTIA. In addition he is the author of the business program “Launching Your Great Business Idea,” as well as the author of the following books; “The Wisdom Compass for Christians: Your 31-Day Journey to Wisdom-Filled Living”, “9 Simple Strategies to Becoming a Strong Leader” and the Security eBook “30 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals” aimed at owners of Smartphones, Mobile Devices, and also those who have significant online activities including Social Media, financial services, etc. He is available for keynotes, seminars, and workshops. He may be reached through

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