Develop The Attributes Of A Successful Entrepreneur

Develop The Attributes Of A Successful Entrepreneur


Theodore Henderson

The Wisdom Man

A great idea and a successful business launch is critical to your success but so are skills, abilities, character, and certain characteristics.  Research studies have revealed that effective business owners who achieve success possess these attributes:

1. Positive Self-image from Self-confidence 

This is that blessing that provides the power of having confidence in oneself and also in one’s abilities and skills.  As a business and leadership coach, this is one of the first things I work on with a client.

2. Accomplishment Focused

Results are acquired by concentrated as well as sustained effort. The focus is on accomplishing a particular goal, not just achieving a string of unassociated tasks.

3. Accept the Inevitability of Risk

They understand that there is a chance of loss and it is an integral part of attaining their goals, yet they have the confidence required to take the necessary risks to accomplish their objectives. 

Entrepreneurs are individuals that will undoubtedly decide on a target, do something about it, as well as assume that they could regulate their fates. They are often motivated by a spirit of freedom which leads them to think that their success depends upon hard effort and also tough work, not good luck. 

So which of these three significant features is the most crucial? In my opinion, it has to be self-confidence. Without confidence, nothing else is possible. If you do not have faith in yourself and believe in on your capabilities, then the first obstacle that emerges might knock you off the course to attaining your goals. Here are a few points to bear in mind for preserving a higher degree of self-confidence.

Develop A Positive Mental Mindset

Well, all of it begins with a favorable attitude, doesn’t it? Believing that something good will happen is the primary building block and first step. Being negative should be “mentally forbidden” by you. In other words, develop strategies to monitor yourself and your thought process.  Adverse thinking just is not allowed. You must genuinely believe that there are no circumstances high enough to prevent you from reaching your objectives. Remember as well, that positive reasoning could be contagious. When favorable thinking spreads, it can open up doors to originalities, customers, close friends, etc.  Not sure where to start?  Reach out to coach, mentor, or me for advice where to find the tools to help you with this challenge.

Consistent Activity

None of these tips and strategies work very well if they are not applied towards a goal.  You have to act, no excuses. Your activity should also be relentless. Trying once and then quitting is not going to be good enough. Consistently take one purposeful step at a time. Get your results and take the next step.  If you get stuck, then locate a creative method to try and go just walk around it.

At the start of this article, we recognized a few attributes that prevail amongst productive business owners and successful entrepreneurs. You ought to be able to look at your plans and also see yourself where you wish to be. Keep a strong,  have faith in yourself and your abilities, stay with it and don’t give up or surrender. Do that, and you’re more than halfway to the finish line.  By taking these steps you can increase the odds of not only winning but of having the character John Wooden’s quote mentions to do it repeatedly.

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Theodore Henderson works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals. He is an Amazon best-selling author, a Certified Career Coach, a Certified Leadership Coach, and a Certified Social Media Security Professional Powered by CompTIA. In addition he is the author of the business program “Launching Your Great Business Idea,” as well as the author of the following books; “The Wisdom Compass for Christians: Your 31-Day Journey to Wisdom-Filled Living”, “9 Simple Strategies to Becoming a Strong Leader” and the Security eBook “30 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals” aimed at owners of Smartphones, Mobile Devices, and also those who have significant online activities including Social Media, financial services, etc. He is available for keynotes, seminars, and workshops. He may be reached through

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