The Basics Of Choosing A Small Business StartUp


The Basics Of Choosing A Small Business StartUp 




Theodore Henderson

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Starting a small business entails lots of different choices, actions and also processes. The startup is a huge deal for the new business owner embarking on their entrepreneurial adventure. You have to do pre-work and post work.  In other words, the planning to figure out exactly what you will be doing, when you will do it, and how you are going do it.

You need to find responses to numerous questions you may or may not have thought about. You will have various tasks and procedures to carry out like picking the type of business to start, the target industry, business entity type, methods to finance, product or service plan, how to handle tax relevant concerns, creating company processes, site selection, licenses, enrollment and more. The checklist is very big.

You have not just to perform these; you need to execute them well. You need to prioritize the tasks and do them as needed. For an inexperienced business owner, the to do’s and approach come to be more necessary.

Starting a small business could be separated into two stages: one is a pre-startup phase, and the other is after startup stage.
Pre-startup Stage

This phase is your planning stage. You have to plan your activities as well as act accordingly. This period is essential as you plan out your entire business.

In this phase, you will determine the business idea you will build on. The concept and idea development may take a bit of time so be patient with yourself if necessary.  Giving birth to an idea relies on many aspects such as your exposure, history, family members, education, psychological state, prior experience, culture, etc. Business ideas will vary from one person to another. Your experiences, skills, and knowledge should decide just what you will undoubtedly do.

After you settle on the idea you will pursue, you’ll need to start working on a business plan and company strategy. Your business plan should consist of everything regarding the business idea such as the concept, market,  product development, process of generating or establishing it, financial resources required, and also the sources of investment, fiscal estimate and so on. You can write it on your own, or you could delegate it to professionals.

This is the time you need to seek to finance your new startup if you don’t have the capital on hand to fund it.  You may use one or more money sources.  Be sure if you sign a contract a lawyer or other qualified person reviews it.  You need to finish any certifications and relevant licensing as well. You should settle on a location.

After start-up stage

This is the application of the idea and plans. In other words, how the whole business plan that you have for your new small company is to be done.

You have to operate the business in this phase. Already you have started your new business. At this point, you need to manage its activities on a  daily basis. You’ll need to handle an assortment of challenges, such as customer associated problems, worker-related issues, inventory and also supply chain related concerns, as well as production concerns.

Starting a small business could occur in three ways. You can begin a brand-new service, you can get a currently existing organization, or you could open a franchise (from a reputable company).

Starting a New Business

You will begin a new business from square one. This can be a long-term (and at times tough) process unless you have specific approach such as my “29 Business Launch Program.” Don’t forget you need to initiate and develop all the systems in a company.  As an entrepreneur this is the ultimate and scariest option but when done well extremely rewarding.

Buy An Existing Business

If you wish to acquire a currently existing business, then it may be much easier for you than starting a brand-new company. Here you inherit several of the systems for the business pre-developed. This will certainly aid you to start the business quickly. You can choose a company that you wish to buy. You can recreate if you want to, or adjust as appropriate after you take it over. A great benefit is you will inherit current existing customers.


You can buy a franchise if you want to. A franchise has several benefits. You do not have to construct anything from scratch because the systems are already built. You get the branding, the name, and assistance from the franchisor including marketing in many cases. You do not have to think about the stock, supply chain, advertising and marketing, and also brand building. So, you can start up a potentially lucrative company from the beginning.

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