5 Smart And Simple Tips To Be More Innovative

5 Smart And Simple Tips To Be More Innovative


Theodore Henderson

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Innovation sounds like a serious topic to discuss, but innovation really isn’t something that’s hard to achieve. As an employee, colleague, team member or business owner working with different minds, how can you promote innovation and creativity in the workplace?

Here are some ideas on how you can be more innovative in your business or for the company you work for.:

Get Moving.

There has been much written, such as HelpGuide.org’s “The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise,” have shown that moving or exercising, can be helpful to the mind. Einstein himself had come up of the theory of relativity while he was riding his bicycle, so perhaps that could work for others too.

How do you make the most of moving? You don’t have to play sports or get into strenuous activities; you can just stretch inside your cubicle or walk around the building. Soon, the ideas will flow as you achieve a clear mind.

Bend and Be Flexible.

You allow innovation and creativity in your workplace once you become flexible. By being flexible, you’d have an open mind that’s willing to accept change.  With an open mind, you’re eager to go for a new approach to come up with solutions and processes. Sound like simple common sense?  Think of the places you have worked where it was just the opposite.

If you work for someone else keep asking questions; find out more about your job description. If you work for yourself keep asking questions; do your activities move your business forward in a way to achieve maximum success? Who knows, you might discover better ways of doing your job once you find out the processes that surround it. 

Talk and Communicate.

There are times when you, as an employee or a business owner, hate to participate in meetings and conference calls. You’d rather stay in your cubicle or office and do your own thing, with as little interaction as possible.

To be innovative, however, you need to talk. You need to communicate. Facing problems and aren’t sure what to do? Talk about them. Discuss them. Need a new approach? Listen to your colleagues’ ideas. When you talk, you come face to face with varied perspectives and learn various solutions.

Play and Have Some Fun.

You’ve learned how all work and no play makes someone dull. Maybe you’re not exactly dull inside the workplace, but you end up without any energy to spare towards other meaningful activities.

Offices like Google’s and Pixar’s have areas for employees to literally play and have fun, but you shouldn’t get discouraged if you’re not working for said offices. Playing can come in different forms – it can appear as you coming up with fun ways to solve puzzles and brain teasers or by getting into team building activities.

Relax and Chill Out.

Employees who are tired and harassed may not have the chance to think clearly. If you’re feeling stressed, then take the time to relax and to come back to your senses – it’s hard to be innovative with a tired mind.

How can you relax? It’s up to you; go for whichever works for you. Read books. Listen to soothing music. Travel and have a vacation. Alleviate your stress levels; not only is this healthier, but this also will make you a more effective and innovative employee.

It may be scary at the beginning for fear of being rejected and be made fun of, but being risky is a part of innovation. Take risks and present every innovative idea you may think up. By being innovative, you end up being a more valuable employee and encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace.


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