Are Millennials More Innovative?


Are Millennials More Innovative?



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If you’re one of those people picking on millennials and giving them a bad rep due to their “eccentricity,” then today might be the right time to stop. It has been observed that millennials and innovation can go hand in hand. 

Read on to know more.

For them, it’s not just about profit.

For millennials, it’s not just about the financial aspect. Millennials also aim for companies that have a culture of innovation – they wish for an environment wherein they can be creative, wherein they can be allowed their ideas and be recognized for it.

Millennials consider innovation as a critical factor in picking out their workplace of choice. They believe that they are innovative themselves and that they can contribute to the business success through their ideas. They hope to have leaders who are willing to listen to every contribution regardless of seniority.

Millennials are more likely to be risk-takers.

Millennials have more energy to spare; they’re willing to take more risks than their more senior counterparts. They’re able to jump from one skill to another and are more open to multitasking. 

What employers can do is to provide opportunities for these aspiring millennials so that they can harness this energy towards more productive activities. They love making an impact and creating a difference, so this is something you can make the most out of.

They’re more sociable.

What does being friendly and outgoing have to do with being innovative? Apparently, a lot. 

Millennials are believed to be the first to use mobile phones and to take advantage of social media. They’ve been to the best of both worlds; they were able to experience the times when Facebook and text messaging were still unknown and foreign.

Take advantage of this openness. Communicate with them. You may have your impressions of them, but it’s better to get to know them and see what they have to offer and see what they can contribute to the company. Have an open mind as you approach millennials, and innovation will soon come after.

They have this need to change the world.

Millennials feel accountable for the events happening around them. They always wish to make a change, and for them, their workplace is one of the best places to start. 

On this note, they hope to be involved with employers who engage in activities with greater causes; this gives them a deeper satisfaction and a bigger feeling of influence. They can bring your company its much-needed change. 


First, you hire millennials, and innovation is then something they bring along with them. Don’t be discouraged by stereotypes coming with them; once they belong in your workforce, you’ll see the change caused by them.

As long as you approach them using the right attitude and tools, you’ll be able to get the most out of them. Take the risk, and you’ll see how they’ll take risks as well that more experienced employees may not be willing to do.

Soon, you and your millennial colleagues will be able to work together; they’ll prove to be an asset to a company you’re proud of.


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