Secrets of Success

Secrets of Success


Theodore Henderson

The Wisdom Man


2 Rules of Success By H Jackson Brown
2 Rules of Success By H Jackson Brown


Success should be likened to a tree or a vine. A successful one bears much fruit. The fruits indicate that it is fulfilling its purpose. That is what success is all about. Success is knowing and fulfilling your purpose in life no matter how large or small others may see it. Here are some principles you can learn from a tree in identifying the secrets of success.

Deep commitment

Nothing of importance in life is ever accomplished without deep commitment. Problems, pressures, and people issues will come in life. Without deep commitment, marriage or business will fail. Like a tree, you have to have deep roots. In life, deep roots refer to your purpose. If you have a clear goal, better yet, expressed in a vision or mission statement, then that will serve as your foundation or your root.

Hardships and heartaches are inevitable in life. There is no easy way to deal with it, but to go through it. Storms come, and they do not choose which house they will destroy. Storms are a test if the house is built on a good foundation. A house that is built on a rock will not be easily toppled down. A house that is built on sand will most likely sink.

A life built on rock is a life with mission and vision. Though trials and tests come, you will not quickly give up because of your deep commitment to fulfilling such mission and vision. Deep commitment is one of the secrets of success that most people know, but do not put into practice.

Proper Nourishment

The best sustenance a tree can absorb is underground where water can be found, and minerals abide. In life, one can have the most nourishment in relationships. More than solid food, you need emotional and spiritual nourishment, which healthy relationships can provide. Relationships can make or break success in life.

One of the secrets of success is having people in your life who love to see you succeed. They are those who will stay with you through thick and thin. They nourish your soul because they know all about you, and still they believe in your ability to succeed. They can be your mentors. Some are your cheerleaders while others are your spiritual support group. Having healthy relationships is considered a success in itself.

Undergo the Process

There are stages in life that were designed to happen. A tree did not become a tree overnight. There are a time and a season for its life. It starts with a seed, which you need to plant and bury underground. It is important to till and prepare the ground so that the seed can enter into it deeply. It grows up from the ground and shows some leaves. As time goes by, it becomes a tree. Some trees undergo pruning to strengthen them.

In life, there are secrets of success that are in theory only. The process of seed-time-harvest is not a theory. Everyone goes through it. There are those who look for shortcuts, causing them not to enjoy the fruits of their harvest.

Going through the process of starting a business, taking care of it like a baby in its initial stages, developing it as it grows and maintaining it. The most successful companies are those that can multiply themselves. Those are the fruits.

These secrets of success mentioned here are not new at all. It is in the implementation that matters. Have a happy journey to success.


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