4 Habits of Successful People



4 Habits of Successful People


Theodore Henderson

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People who are successful have shared features and traits. They do things that make them successful consistently. According to some Psychology studies, it takes 21 days of consistency before one forms a habit. However, whether it takes 21 days or more, the following identified habits of successful people can be an inspiration to follow:

Forms great relationships with people who matter.

An independent act is rarely successful. Success in life involves people. One of my mentors, John Maxwell, a leadership authority, motivational writer, and speaker asks, “Am I building people, or building my dream and using people to do it?” Successful people take the time and the effort to be in communication with those around them. 

Forming great relationships with people who matter is one of the habits of successful people that are often unmentioned.  One can benefit from connecting to a mentor whose wisdom can save huge mistakes. You can also be strengthened by listening to, and hearing, the encouragements of a group of caring people. However, not all relationships are important. Sometimes, when a relationship becomes toxic, the successful person knows exactly who and when to disconnect.

Successful people achieve great things, not because of their talents and abilities but because they make the best out of the power of teamwork.

Creates space for “me” time.

Another of the most important habits of successful people is setting aside a quality “me” time. “Me” time is paramount because it lets you connect with your soul. The best gift you can give to a person is a healthy you.

Alone time will include evaluating your happiness level. Is there fulfillment within? Is the work making you a better person? Can you relate and connect more to the people around me?

Aside from diagnosing yourself, being healthy means taking care of the body by eating healthy and doing healthy stuff. While some consider health investment as a luxury, a successful person deems it a necessity. A healthy body, soul, and spirit are priceless.

Focuses on their “Purpose”.

A light, when focused, has tremendous power. Laser lights can cut through the strongest of steels because of they provide focused light. Focusing on purpose, among other habits of successful people, is worth taking note of.

There is an article citing that one of the common denominators of, not all, but many of the billionaires, in this particular generation, was their dress. Their dress is almost the same thing every day. Looking at Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, they dress simply. It is not because they are slobs nor because they don’t care. The point is they want to channel their creative energies into something else, which focuses more on their purpose.

A successful person focuses on his or her purpose. They are purpose-driven. He is too focused that it carries over and translates into things like effective time management and allocation of resources towards the goal. There is proper management of time, money and workforce or efforts.

Learns things passionately.

Another habit of successful people is they are passionate learners. They always pursue personal growth. They keep on learning and growing.

Some mentioned herein are not the typical habits of successful people. Nonetheless, these are vital in achieving success in life.

Men and women are not designed to live alone and for themselves only. Selfish people will have a hard time attaining happiness. They are the opposite of successful people. The latter are those who focus too much on their purpose and aren’t healthy enough to build great relationships around them.

Don’t be selfish.  Be Successful.


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Theodore Henderson works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals. He is an Amazon best-selling author, a Certified Career Coach, a Certified Leadership Coach, and a Certified Social Media Security Professional Powered by CompTIA. In addition he is the author of the business program “Launching Your Great Business Idea,” as well as the author of the following books; “The Wisdom Compass”, “9 Simple Strategies to Becoming A Strong Leader” and the Security eBook “30 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself from Cyber Criminals” aimed at owners of Smartphones, Mobile Devices, and also those who have significant online activities including Social Media, financial services, etc. He is available for keynotes, seminars, and workshops. He may be reached through www.TheodoreHenderson.com.

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