Why Do You Need Emotional Intelligence in Business

Why Do You Need Emotional Intelligence in Business?


Theodore Henderson

“The Wisdom Man”


"The Greatest Ability..." via www.TheodoreHenderson.com
“The Greatest Ability…” via www.TheodoreHenderson.com


A lot of managers tend to be all about work and they neglect the needs of their employees. This is not good because your employees are the most vital assets to the company.

While it is true that customers are the backbone of business, it is the employees who give managers or leaders their relevance. This key element is what makes emotional intelligence is crucial in businesses. You clearly need to have emotional intelligence for sales success. You also need it for handling difficult coworkers.

As a leader, your value increases when you can prove to yourself as well as to others that you can improve employee engagement, results, and productivity. You have to encourage teamwork amongst your staff and subordinates. You have to be an active mentor and at the same time, a good sponsor. You have to help your colleagues become even better at catapulting their careers and taking advantage of great opportunities.

In other words, you need to be a leader who has a high level of emotional intelligence. So, how can you show people that you have what it takes?

How to Show Emotional Intelligence at Work

For starters, you need to show that you care about people. While you may already care about people deep within your heart, you need to express it. You need to show it so that others will see it. As a leader, however, you have to balance your heart and your head.  This means that you should not be too intense, or lacking in civility, when it comes to requiring things from your employees. You need to know about proper timing. You also need to build momentum and stay focused. You want to show your employees that you appreciate their work and presence. You should also give them rewards whenever they accomplish their tasks correctly.

You also have to encourage your employees to express significance. As a leader, you must accept people for who they are. Avoid forcing them to be like you, for instance. Instead, you have to motivate them so that they can realize how their work can be beneficial to their lives. Also, let your employees experience and appreciate the human side of success.

In other words, you have to make them realize how their good professional status can yield a result leading to a better personal life. Don’t forget that people want to feel like they create an impact towards the people around them.

Furthermore, see to it that you are accountable for your decisions and actions. Just because you are the boss does not mean that you are above anyone else. You have to show your employees that all of you have the same opportunities in the workplace. 

You have to hold yourself equally accountable and enforce the same rules towards yourself. Make sure that your behavior is also deliberate. Take note that employees appreciate leaders who can share their privileges and perks. They prefer leaders who are more available and mindful of their needs.


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