The Importance of Developing and Using Emotional Intelligence for Business Success

The Importance of Developing and Using Emotional Intelligence for Business Success 


Theodore Henderson

The Wisdom Man


According to a study conducted by the United States Department of Labor, employers are constantly in search of applicants who are capable of listening and communicating properly. The ability to listen and speak when necessary is a vital aspect of emotional intelligence. In addition, employers prefer to hire people who can adapt to the constant changes that happen in the workplace. They do not want to hire people who are inflexible and rigid.

During the hiring process, employers look for certain attributes, such as self-management, ability to work in groups or teams, and good leadership potential. These competencies are all related to emotional intelligence. Developing emotional intelligence can increase your chances of becoming an asset in the company and enhancing your career prospects, such as a promotion or bonus.

As a skilled individual, you may think that all you need to succeed in the “professional world” are applicable career skills and knowledge. However, you also need to be emotionally intelligent to consistently be successful. In fact, this is an excellent strategy for advancing in your career. Keep in mind that teamwork is important in success. If you want to get noticed and increase your chances of being promoted at work and earn a higher salary, then you have to show people that you are a good team player. 

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional intelligence is not just important for employees. In fact, it is also important for employers. As an employer, you also need to be emotionally intelligent, so you will have an easier time handling difficult employees and clients. You need create a harmonious relationship between your staff and directors. You need to collaborate with your colleagues|. If you want your company to succeed, you need to develop and maintain strong professional relationships with your customers, suppliers, stakeholders, networking contacts, and in some instances even your competitors.

Success in business and career relies greatly on good leadership, management skills, partnership and teamwork. You need to be able to communicate well through your words and actions. If you are an emotionally intelligent leader, you will have team members who are effective, happy, confident, likeable, productive, motivated, efficient, committed, and aligned with your business.

Who to Hire

When it comes to hiring people, see to it that you go for those who show self-awareness and understand their own weaknesses and strengths. These people can deal with constructive criticisms, which is why you can count on them to not take your criticisms personally. They are also most likely to use these criticisms for personal and professional improvement.

You should also hire people who are self-regulated. These people can, when under stress,  compose themselves and handle their feelings maturely. They are also capable of exercising restraint whenever necessary. Instead of squelching their feelings, they express them with control and restraint.

You should also hire those who are motivated and empathetic towards others. These types of people are compassionate and understanding towards human nature, both the good and bad behavior that can occur in the workplace. At the same time, they have the drive to improve their performance.


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