Illuminating Strategies for Entrepreneurial Success That Many Business Owners Will Certainly Miss

To My Fellow Business Owner,

If you’re not producing the kind of success in your business that produces the financial liberty and quality of life you aspire to now, you will uncover the best ways to make it a reality through the lessons that I will teach you.

Most of us have the capacity for exceptional business success. The issue is that many entrepreneurs go about creating their businesses in precisely the same way as the majority of business owners do. As a result, they battle to attain even comfortable mediocrity.


Most entrepreneurs fail to model exactly what creates remarkable business success.

The data speaks for itself:

  • 8 of 10 companies fail in the first five years. (Forbes)

  • Just one percent of entrepreneurs are millionaires. (Forbes)

  • First-time entrepreneurs have only an 18% chance of succeeding. (Business Insider)

  • Entrepreneurs who previously failed have a 20% chance of succeeding. (Business Insider)

Statistics not enough?  How about the following observations of faltering and failed businesses from Harvard research:

  • Inability to establish a truly profitable business model with proven revenue streams.

  • No modern effective Leadership from top down to empower the organization.

  • Fuzzy unique value proposition (USP) or ineffective communication of USP.

  • Not really in touch with customers through meaningful conversation.

Lesson Learned?  Doing average things, the average way, will get you average results as seen above.

A decidedly different point of view

In this current economic environment, if you’re to make greater than single-digit returns on your investment of time and capital, you have to agree to do whatever it takes to sign up with the small minority who are very successful.  If you’re not, I have absolutely no idea how you’ll grow your company in a way that produces exceptional results, financial freedom, and a high quality-of-life.

Yet you do not have to follow the well-trodden course that leads to constant battle and mediocrity. These proven success techniques for business owners will assist you prevent all of that unneeded distress.

If … and ONLY if … you want to master and consistently apply an incredibly handful of easily replicable techniques to your business, then, regardless of your competition or the state of the economy, you can develop remarkable work success and everything that flows from it.

I am going to share with you just how this can happen.

This is NOT a message for a business

owner or entrepreneur who wants to “follow the herd.”

Why? Few entrepreneurs are willing to do what’s essential to complete phenomenal business development and personal success. This program is for you if you are one of the few entrepreneurs who are truly dedicated to making massive change and attaining huge success, which, if you are reading this page, I believe that you are.

This message is for you if:

  • You’re the type of forward-thinking individual who is ready to take their company to the next level.

I, like you, am a business owner, and, yes, I’m in business to sell my tried-and-tested know-how and understanding at a cost that provides hundreds of times more worth than the investment, but that is not the objective of this message or exactly what it offers you. 

What I am providing you is ENTIRELY FREE and will certainly give you specifically what you have to expand your business, as well as improve the quality of your life.

  • You are willing to overcome any challenges in your way and realize that massive success can be attained, even if economic condition are less-than-favorable. Concern suppresses the imagination that drives extraordinary business success. The business proprietor who permits the status quo to form their future will never apply the effective methods I will share with you.

  • You do not believe that highly effective entrepreneurs are born with more abilities, capability, and luck than you. You realize that you have abilities and capabilities that are being underutilized and you are ready to show the world your talents.

  • You are determined to put in the work that will help you reap great rewards.

  • You are ready to overcome self-doubting and negative thoughts that are holding you back from success. I made a deliberate choice several years ago to remove myself from the influence of unfavorable and cynical thinkers, which was among the most essential decisions of my life. I pick my inner circle extremely carefully, and so should you.  If you are willing to overcome self-doubt and negativity, we will be a good match.

If you’re still with me, it indicates to me you’re serious about delighting in remarkable enhancements in your business and individual life, as well as being prepared to knuckle down and develop a formula for success. You’re exactly the sort of individual who will certainly benefit tremendously from the effective strategies I offer.

Why Should You Care What I Have to Say?

My name is Theodore Henderson.  I am an well-known specialist in professional coaching, and a transformational leader of entrepreneurs.

There’s a reason a lot of entrepreneur and business owners are willing to engage an authority, as opposed to relying on what their “friends” tell them to do. These are very well-connected people with plenty of voices in their lives to listen to, who chose my services instead.  It’s because my know-how results in outcomes for the individuals who engage my services.

In entrepreneurial life, that’s ALL that counts. I’m not sharing this with you to brag. It’s so that you recognize that when I say I have something effective and rewarding to share with you, it’s going to be worth your while to take notice.

My Suggestion to You Today is This

If … you are serious about significantly growing your business and also improving the top quality of your life, as well as being open-minded to original ideas—several of which may seem counter-intuitive or contradict what you’ve learned, assumed, or thought to be true about entrepreneurial success in the past.

I will share with you the tested and effective techniques of the leading 1 percent of business owners, so that you can carry out those approaches in your business and personal life.

If you’re ready to change your business and your personal life … kindly approve my cozy and personal invite to have the door opened to these astonishingly effective methods to make sure that you should becoming them helping you in your business TODAY! Once more, this is ENTIRELY COMPLIMENTARY—you will not be asked to part with money at any point in this process.


In  “The 4 Cornerstones of Excellence” (Click Here)

You Will Discover Proven Techniques for Entrepreneurial Success

That Many Business Owners Will Never Grasp.


The Foundations of Success
The Foundations of Success


What to know about “The 4 Cornerstones of Excellence”:

  • Some of the most effective business owners were not born with more skill, capacity, wealth, resources or ‘luck’ than anyone else.

  • Emulating their success requires changing the way you believe and the way that you approach the world.

  • You should make the same selection.

You do not have to take my word for it. Albert Einstein claimed we should not address our issues with the same level of thinking that developed them, and, yet, that’s precisely what 99 percent of entrepreneurs do.

Every business owner is anxious to improve their situation, however, the large majority hesitate to boost themselves.  As a result, they continue to be stuck in the outcomes they work so frantically hard to alter. Many of these people are intense, tireless entrepreneurs; however, since they’ve consistently followed a specific method, their minds are closed to a new approach.  The best that these people can hope for is to earn a comfortable living, and, at the worst, their company falls short.

Now For Some More Honesty About Business Success

The biggest risk to your success is not the state of the economy, financial institutions, the marketplace, the government, or your competitors. The most significant risk to your business success is thinking like a lot of other entrepreneurs.

There’s an excellent reason that only 1 percent of company owners are millionaires. If you spend just a brief amount of time in the company of highly effective entrepreneurs, you’ll quickly appreciate they have a quite different worldview than the vast majority of company owners.

Here are three examples of exactly how the top one percent think differently than the rest of people:

  • They recognize their business growth can only reflect the top quality of their reasoning. As a result, they intentionally invest time and money on improving and challenging how they think.

  • They focus on improvement, not activity. They work at cause, not the effect of their performance.

  • They develop the owner before the business. They understand that their personal growth determines their success. Jim Rohn, who is among the most successful entrepreneurs of his generation, said, “If you strive on your task, you can earn a living, but if you work hard on yourself, you should make a fortune.”

If you believe that your current mindset is different from the 99 percent of hard-working entrepreneurs, and you’re getting the same kind of results as they are, despite all of the blood, sweat, and tears you put into your business, you may want to think again, since with all due respect, your reality is presenting a very different story.

The question is whether you are willing to do anything about it, because I ensure that if you take ANY of the ideas I am showing you in ‘The 4 Cornerstones of Excellence“, your company—as well as your personal life—will improve dramatically.

And Now For

“The 4 Cornerstones of Excellence” (Click Here)

Four powerful ENTREPRENEURIAL SUCCESS white papers containing tried-and-tested principles with leading-edge strategies that underpin phenomenal work and personal success. Each “Cornerstone” discloses a vital business and individual development approach that you can get working in your business and personal life today.

You’ll also receive powerful coaching resources to INSTANTLY benefit from the techniques, and mp3 recordings of the white papers will be coming in the near future.

Here is an example of what you’ll discover in “The 4 Cornerstones of Excellence” (Click Here)

  • How one easy change in your perception and priorities instantly differentiates you from 99 percent of business owners.

  • How to equip you to be up to 650 percent even more effective and the scientific evidence that validates it.

  • What modifications are necessary if you are to achieve better monetary freedom and lifestyle options.

  • The top “secret” attributes of 733 self-made millionaires.

  • How school, university, business schools, and your IQ has little to do with your entrepreneurial success and exactly what does.

  • How to master your creativity and yield better profits, as well as significant enhancements in your business and personal life.

  • What sabotages your ability to enjoy life-altering business growth and how to conquer it.

  • Why focusing on your outcomes is the LAST priority.

  • How completing your business goals has more to do with processes than it has to do with your talent and abilities.

  • The impressive decision-making strategy made use of by the top 1 percent of entrepreneurs that many business owners will never ever understand, as well as the best ways to get it operating in your company today.

  • Plus much, much more.

Is There Really Any Downside?

These powerful strategies have actually boosted the business and professional lives of business owners, both locally and around the world.  They worked for me and my clients, so I have no doubt that they’ll do the very same for you. Absolutely nothing is more powerful than tried and tested strategies.

Leave your details here, click the button, and I’ll send you directly to these powerful white papers. When you join, you will be joining my unique inner circle of business owners and entrepreneurs who receive advanced reasoning techniques from me periodically.  I never exchange, sell, share or lease any one of your details—ever.  Not to any individual at any time. It’s not flexible or negotiable.

What do you stand to lose in screening these proven techniques? If you don’t believe that what I offer adds value, you can simply reverse your decision at any moment, and you’ve lost absolutely nothing. So, go on, leave your information, and get these proven methods working for you today.





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